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here is cheryl. still does the toss and into your home tonight. that's it for special report, there fair and balanced, straight-faced and unafraid. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> 76 and 77 years old. >> 76 and 77 years old. but even after all the rain and the tornadoes, this storm is not finished. tonight, new flood fears as the storm system moves north. comiewsm has a new critic who goes by the name fidel. why fidel castro now admits cuba's system just doesn't work. plus, looking for a job? might be time to put your face
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out there. >> go getter. i want to go out there and work really hard for your company. >> tonight, do video resumes really work? and the pirates who got an unexpected visit from some united states marines. first from fox this thursday night, those three american hiker who's have been sitting in an iranian jail for more than a year, one of them could soon be coming home. iran's eni have a to the united nations reports today his country will release sarah shord this saturday on 9/11. iranian police grabbed her plus shane becauser and joshua fattal near the border with iraq last year. the hikers' families say they got lost and accidently wandered over that border. but iranian officials claim the three young americans are spies. since then, we have learned that shored is suffering from what her family call as serious medical condition. today the spokesman says she has
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a lump in her breast. the timing of all of this is quite interesting. her release, as it happens, or if it happens, on saturday, will fall at the end of the holy month of ramadan and just as we mark nine years since the 9/11 terror attacks. jennifer griffin live for us tonight at the pentagon. what -- do we know what iran is really trying to accomplish here? >> well, it could be a goodwill gesture to coincide with the muslim holiday eve. we have also seen in the past, shep, when iran feels pressure over nuclear program that it offers good gestures to take the heat off from the international community. in the last 24 hours south korea has put punishing sanctions on its main bank. >> shepard: you know, there is another big story, jen, concerning iran today. possible evidence that the country is working on another nuclear facility of some kind. this morning, an internal opposition group in iran called the iran policy committee held a news conference in washington. and during that conference, they
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announced the alleged existence of what it claims is a full enrichment site. satellite images like this one show the site. it appears to be some kind of industrial complex in iran. and according to this group, the facility is going up outside tehran and near the iranian city of qazvin. if it is a secret atomic site it, could be more evidence for the united states and other western nations for that matter that claim iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. jennifer, what can we make of this announcement? i mean, it sounds as if we knew about it, right? >> well, u.s. intelligence sources confirmed to me that they have, in fact, been watching this site for the past four years. u.s. officials won't, however, say that the tunnel complex and it is a tunnel complex built into the side of a mountain, they won't say they have evidence that it's a nuclear site but this iranian exile group and this is the same exile group, shep, that made explosive revelations back in 2002 about iran's nuclear program. they say it's very similar to an
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area where there are centrifuges that are reportedly enriching uranium, shepard. >> shepard: jen griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. the minister of a small church in gainsville, florida, who said he was planning to burn copies of the koran this 9/11 announced late today the event is cancelled. the leader of a auto member church sparked protests in afghanistan and captured the attention of the president, the secretary of defense and the secretary of state. today the white house press secretary robert gibbs explained why the nation's leaders were so concerned. >> this puts the lives of our troops in direct danger. this is a recruiting bananza for al qaeda. and this goes against every one of our our values. >> and it was a bit of a bananza for this little known pastor, too. we are not going to show his picture on the air tonight. he has long history of radical thought and divisiveness. he has been known having trouble getting his facts straight. this time he says the imam
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overseeing the planned islamic center in new york city agreed to move location far away from the site of the trade center. there is no agreement at all. while on the subject of that islamic center donald trump tried to step in today. the mogul tried to buy out major investor of the deal in exchange for moving that islamic center from ground zero. the investor said no and called trump's efforts a cheap attempt to get pluntd. fox news weather center what's known of the storm hermine is bringing more trouble into the midwest tonight. take a look at this latest radar. you can see the remnants pushing into southern illinois and kentucky. good news is it's not as powerful as it was when it did a number on texas. it was breaking news on fox report last night. several tornadoes touching down around the dallas-fort worth area. this is what one of them did. today we heard from one of the people who helped rescue the driver who was stuck inside that
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truck when he got hit. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out the window, you know, help. and me and three or four other people went over and pried the door open and helped him get out. >> shepard: he is fine now, we're told. while that rescue was ongoing, forecasters were keeping an eye on the storm that eventually spawned more than a half dozen tornadoes. let's get to meteorologist dan henry of my fox 4. my fox dfw. one of those pushed into city. >> it sure did. touched down a mere three miles, shepard, from downtown class. and it only stayed on the ground about a half mile or so. now, this was a fairly strong tornado packing winds of about 115 miles per hour. had it stayed on the ground, just a few miles, it would have hit portions of what we call uptown dallas, just north of downtown and perhaps the park cities as well. so, we did have some damage from it, but it could have been much,
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much worse had it stayed on the ground just a few miles. >> shepard: as it turned out those twisters popped up while you were dealing with floodwaters it was a mess it? >> was one of the wildest it 4 hour periods you will ever see here in north texas. the floodwaters hadn't receded yet. we had about an hour of sunshine that was just enough to apparently light the atmosphere up like igniting a powder keg. we had thunderstorms literally explode all over the dallas-fort worth area. we were tracking multiple tornadoes simultaneously here during rush hour in the dallas-fort worth area and when all was said and done, we had six confirmed tornadoes here in the dallas-fort worth area, including the one that you are seeing there. >> shepard: dan henry, the chief meteorologist at fox 4 news dallas in the metroplex. dan, thank you as always. another threat developing right now in the atlantic. its name is igor.
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it's near after from this canned at national weather service has downgraded the system to a tropical depression now. forecasters expect it to move west and possibly become a hurricane yet again in the next few days. left of center keeping an eye on the tropical system off the south america. janice dean tells us this could become a hurricane by next week. potentially a bigger threat than igor. a plea deal appears to in the works for the nigerian man dubbed the underwear bomber. it's not clear what the deal would include. defense attorneys reportedly wrote in a court filing that they have met with prosecutors multiple times to go over their options. prosecutors say the terrorist suspect packed explosives into his underwear and tried to set the bomb off during a christmas day flight to detroit. now he faces a charge of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. that carries a sentence of life in prison. since his arrest. the feds say he has cooperated with investigators. but analysts say any plea deal, especially one that reduces his
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sentence, could fuel the debate over whether terrorist suspects should be tried in civilian courts. the deadline to file motions is tomorrow. the underwear bomber due in federal court on monday for a pre-trial hearing. some good news for americans looking for work. president obama admits the economy still has a long way to go. and now is he making a prediction about what that will mean in november. not necessarily a good one for his home team. we're live at the white house. and, we're told this has never happened before. u.s. marines going head to head with pirates on the hi seas. they have stormed the ship in the middle of an attack. the whole thing caught on tape. plus, fidel castro, might he finally have gotten the message? wait until you hear what the former cuban leader, dictator, president said about communism in cuba. that's next from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. [ male announcer ] you can dream of completely transforming
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>> we're told this is a first for the u.s. marines storming a ship in the middle of a pirate attack. it happened today in the gulf of aden right off the coast of africa. u.s. warships are patrolling the area on crack down on pirates. when a german ship sent out distress call marines responded. the military reports it took about an hour to capture the nine pirates and take control of that ship. the marines never filed a single shot and nobody was hurt in any way. the ship's crew hiding thought a kind of panic room below deck. last year navy sthippers rescued the captain of the maersk, alabama from pirates in that same sea that was after the crew had already fought off the pirates who escaped with the captain in a life boat. the former cuban dictator fidel castro has done something that even many of his fiercest critics thought he would never do. he has criticized his country's communist system or at least said it's not working. it happened during an interview with the atlantic magazine. the reporter there american
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jeffrey goldberg who met with castro in havana at his request writes: the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live with this. i wonder what you are to make of this. so often the devil is in the details. >> two views. first one being these were well considered comments by castro, is he still after all the most influential voice in cuba even if he is not president. in making these comments, he might make it easier for his brother, raoul, who is now president, to introduce more of the kind of economic reforms he has already begun to introduce. the other view is that this was simply not well considered, it was fidel castro feeling nostalgic, realizing he has made some mistakes during his lifetime. help shep he called that reporter over. sent him a mess damage. he took somebody with him and they were over there for a
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number of days. not as if it wasn't a planned thing. he expressed regret over his own handling of the cuban missile crisis. >> it played out in october of 1962. cuba was at the center of the standoff between president kennedy and soviet leader cir it brought us to the brink of nuclear war. at one point goldberg the reporter said to castro at a certain point it seems logical to you to recommend that the soviets bomb the u.s. does what you recommended still seem logical now? castro apparently replied after i have seen what i have seen and knowing what i know now, it wasn't worth it all. he also had some very interesting comments on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad being very critical of his anti-semitic rhetoric, shep. >> shepard: you know, over the past 20 years or so, there has been great speculation that fidel castro was dead over and over and over again there was some comment on his health now. how did he seem to goldberg. >> jeffrey goldberg was very
7:16 pm
interesting on this. he said he wanted to watch very closely what he was eating, for instance, because digestive problems were at the route of fidel castro's health problems. we remember seeing him back in 2006 there in that sweat suit he looked very, very frail. goldberg says he has came a long way. he ate small amounts of fish and salad. a lot of bread and red wine. goldberg seems to think he is doing pretty well based on what he has gone through. >> shepard: eaten better than the cuban people i bet you. >> that's for sure. >> shepard: america's roads are becoming safer. that's according to a report by the national transportation department which finds now that traffic deaths fell almost 10% last year to the lowest level since 1950. analysts are crediting more people using their seat belts, fewer people driving drunk, better safety features on our cars, and, of course, the doctors are mighty good these days. new word tonight that the officer at the center of a controversial shooting in los
7:17 pm
angeles has used his gun before a couple of times. that report comes as protesters again hit the streets to show their anger over police. >> get back. >> shepard: big crowds and chaos on the sidewalk. we'll show you the video of the latest confrontation and we will take you inside the community meeting where things got pretty heated. >> if we don't teach police officers to take knives away from people. [chanting] >> shepard: that's coming up. t. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most completeultivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's.
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>> shepard: police in los los angeles are bracing for more potential trouble now from protesters upset over a ceo controversial weekend. an officer shot and killed a man they say had been threatening people with a knife. demonstrators say the cops
7:21 pm
should have found out a way to subdue the man without killing him. for the last few days they have been holding protests in the streets. [shouts] >> shepard: that one from last night. los angeles police say they arrested four people and reported -- and that nobody reported any injuries. the showdown came hours after the l.a.p.d. chief attempted to diffuse some of the anger at a community meeting but not so much. [chanting] >> shepard: protest ares there chanting the people united will never be defeated. as all this rage boils, we learned today that the police officer at the center of the shooting has used his gun in the past. trace gallagher with the news live in our los angeles news hub this afternoon. he has had a couple of prior shootings, right? >> yeah. the officer's name, shep is frank hernandez. he has been with the los angeles police department for 13 years. according to police records uncovered by the "l.a. times." he has had two prior shootings
7:22 pm
before this, the first one happened back in 1999 when officer hernandez shot and wounded a bank robbery suspect, a female who apparently pointed her gun at officer hernandez and his partner. and then in 2008, he shot and wounded an 18-year-old assault suspect who also pointed his gun at officer hernandez and his partner. the latest shooting though, of course, has sparked three days of protests and riots. not just the local people in mcarthur park. we're talking about some outside groups getting involved in this as well, handing out fliers and some cases causing trouble. we have talked about the arrests being made here. we have now confirmed that two people have been formally charged with setting bonfires at these protests and, yes, again tonight, shep, the l.a.p.d. expecting more protests out in that area. >> shepard: all right, now, the man was reported to be carrying a knife. now you we know that it appeared there was blood on that knife. and now authorities are testing the blood? >> yeah.
7:23 pm
they are testing it for d.n.a. because they want to know whose blood this belongs to. i mean, remember, if you go back to the shooting, when police arrived on scene 37-year-old manuel was holding that knife, right? and he was threatening other people and two women say he tried to attack them. when he lunged at police, that's when police shot and killed him now will there are unconfirmed reports that he may have attacked somebody before the police arrived on scene. if that's the case, and that report is confirmed that changes the entire investigation, shep. >> shepard: i guess it does. the mayor of los angeles is now defending the officer who was involved in this shooting. >> yeah, in fact, it just happened mommy's ago the mayor coming out to defend those police officers, calling them, quote, heros say they acted with bravery. he said it was outrageous that the residents of mcarthur park and westlake came out last night at that community meeting and called chief charlie beck a
7:24 pm
murderer. these, by the way, are mayor's first comments on the matter four days after the actual -- five days after the shooting, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles this afternoon. thanks. the mayor of a small town in pennsylvania is promising to fight all the way to the u.s. supreme court after a federal judge blocked his attempt to enforce a controversial immigration law. long before arizona's crack counsel, the mayor of hazelton, his name is lowe barletta a law punish people who rent or hire illegal immigrants. today a judge shot him down ruling that the federal government has exclusive power to regulate immigration. hazleton is 100 miles west and north of philly. the mayor says:
7:25 pm
four of the most dangerous prisoners in iraq as they have been described to us have he escaped in a clean get away notorious prison once home to saddam hussein. tonight a security expert weighs in on who did it and who is to blame. the situation much worse in colorado. the latest on the effort to control a massive wildfire that's burned more than 100 structures to the ground, we'll get a live report coming up. ong♪ ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening pla. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them?
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>> shepard: a fire at a strip mall outside atlanta and a deputy fire chief says it looks like arson. in fact, security video reportedly caught two people tossing molotov cocktails into a family dollar store. the blaze gutted the place. fire walls kept the flames from spreading but a few other shops did have smoke and water damage. still, nobody was hurt. a woman in massachusetts claims a bolt of lightning hit her house while she was trying to iron some clothes. she says it happened this morning as thunderstorms were rolling through the wakefield area. she says she felt something shoot into her arm, up her face and right through her whole head. >> it was so painful. like it just felt like -- i don't even know if i got my hand on the iron. i just felt this zolt and i just flew. >> shepard: the doctors told her she says she should make a full recovery in about b. two days. apple is lifting the vale at least a little bit when it comes to its alps. software developers claimed the company doesn't give them any
7:30 pm
guidance then rejects their programs. so here you go. apple says it will not accept apps that encourage people to drink too much or to do drugs or games that target a specific race, culture, government, or corporation. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. when it comes to global economies, we are number four. the world economic forum announcing the united states has dropped from second to fourth place on the list of the most economically competitive countries. the latest list from the geneva think tank has switzerland in the top spot followed by sweden and singapore. then the united states and germany. the forum measures financial indicators and surveys business leaders to come up with the rankings and researchers say the united states dropped down because of factors including weakened institutions and concerns about financial markets. but, regardless of what the world may think, we did get some encouraging economic news today.
7:31 pm
wendell goler with that live at the white house. wendell, good news on jobs. >> all about jobs, shepard. the decline in people filing for unemployment fell much more than expected last week. the decline in first-time filings 27,000. a welcome sign that the slowing economy hasn't caused an uptick in layoffs. and the trade deficit fell in july. some economists think it is holding back the recovery but there are still too many people out of work and in an interview the president said if the fall elections are a referendum on satisfaction with the economy, democrats are likely to do poorly, shepard? >> shepard: the battle over the bush tax cuts ramped up again today too, huh? >> republicans want to extend all the bush administration's tax cuts. the president wants to let them expire for families making more than $250,000 a year. treasury secretary said today the country can't afford to extend all of the tax cuts, those for the higher income people and wouldn't get enough for doing so. >> it's not going to do much for growth. it's not going to do much for
7:32 pm
businesses. it's not going to help people get back to work. >> republicans say not extending the upper income tax cuts will punish hundreds of thousands of small businesses, may cause them to cut back their hiring, shepard? >> shepard: what about a temporary extension of the cuts. >> there is some democratic support for that a half dozen members of the house and nebraska senator ben nelson but the white house says that temporary extension of the tax cuts would simply buy time for republicans to push to make the tax cuts permanent. and officials here don't believe that republicans will walk the blank for the well to do by voting against the bill that just extends the tax cuts for the middle class, that's 98% of the country. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler live at the white house tonight. thanks a lot. fox news wildfire alert now and firefighters battling a huge one in colorado said to be the most destructive in the state of colorado's history. forecasters now predict 60 mile-per-hour winds tonight that could really mess things up. thousands already evacuated the
7:33 pm
outskirts of bolder. officials now telling more people to prepare to get out in case the fire does spread into colorado city. >> all it takes is one spark outside and that's a new fire. and with the winds tonight, it could be off to the races. >> shepard: it really could. here is a look at what's left of somebody's house. officials say the wildfire has already burned through 10 square miles and destroyed, get this, at least 169 mommy's. well, a prison break in iraq. four terrorist suspects have escaped, they tell us, from the lockup that once held saddam hussein. back then it was called camp carper and now it's called karkh prison and the iraqis runs most of it the united states still controls the most dangerous prisoners, including the four just reported to escape. the iraqi military says the suspects all have ties to al qaeda and were facing the death penalty. we don't have any word on how they got out, on "studio b" this
7:34 pm
afternoon one former cia officer told me they probably had help from the inside. he also said the americans are not the only ones to blame. >> it's not a world unto itself. it's not as if we are operating a u.s. prison inside an iraqi prison there are -- it's a joint operation. and so the iraqi military handles perimeter security and most of the other security concerns. >> shepard: points out this is not the first escape from that prison and other al qaeda suspects from broken out of the area controlled by the iraqis. officials in chile say they are now making progress in their efforts to rescue 33 miners trapped there our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. chile. rescuers now working on three drilling operations to try to reach those miners trapped nearly a half mile underground. two of those drills are now in operation. though one of them is boring a hole only inches wide. the workers plan tone large it later to pull out the men. the third drill designed for oil
7:35 pm
exploration is on the way to the site. russia, a car bomb killing 17 people and injuring more than 100 others in the north region. investigators say the attacker detonated his explosives as he drove by a big market. officials calling it one of the worst attacks in the region in years. there are two separate wars underway in nearby chechnya. north korea the country celebrating its 62nd birthday. thousands of people placing flowers at a statue at founder kim -- his son took over in '84. there is speculation he will hand over control to his son now at upcoming political conference. iran, some of the country's professional skiers now practicing on a grass course. they say it is to keep up with european rivals. this woman carried iran's flag at the winter olympics in vancouver. she says she hopes to inspire other women in iran to ski
7:36 pm
competitively. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. fox news is on the job hunt. and there is, of course, a lot of competition out there. that's why some applicants are coming up with creative ways to stand out from the pack. details that might help you out coming up. plus, police in one state want to know what kind of prescription drugs you take. they say it will help them fight crime. critics call it an enormous privacy violation. should the cops know if you are taking a pain killer? we'll report, you decide. but first check out our new and improved health section. go to and click on the health tab at the top of the home page.
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>> shepard: as it turns out more grandparents are raising their grabs kids than ever before. so says an analysis of census data by the pew research center. it reports grandparents were the primary caretakers of about 3 million kids in 2008. that's up 6% from the year
7:40 pm
before and 16% from the year 2000. experts say the recession could be one reason. but high divorce rates, teen pregnancies and long military deployments are no doubt also factors. mortgage rates are up for the first time in three months so says the mortgage buyer freddie mac. the average rate for a 30 year fixed loan was 4. 5% last week. up just a smidge from the record low the previous. despite the rock bottom rate. home sales are the lowest they have been in decades. >> fox news is on the job hunt. we have a step in the right direction to report. as we mentioned earlier, fewer americans file for jobless benefits last week but that doesn't necessarily mean it's getting easier to find work. in fact, the labor department tells thrust is now an average of five people or there are an average, five people competing for every open position. that makes it tough. and as applicants look for ways to stand out from the crowd, it appears more of them are
7:41 pm
creating video resumes. >> hello there, future employer. my name is rocksy. nice to meet you virtually. >> right now i'm just introducing myself, saying hello and trying to to be very warm and friendly. >> shepard: she is looking for a job in p.r. and marketing. she says things are very difficult right now. >> i thought the online video would give me more of an edge. >> shepard: so along with her traditional resume, she sends employers a link to her video resume. >> i get the box but i also think outside the box. >> i wanted to give a more personal resume, something that was different, unique, and brought life to who i am. >> shepard: she is not alone. several new web sites have popped up in recent years to help users organize and distribute their video resume. >> i have years of face-to-face selling. >> i have a glass half full attitude. >> shepard: thousands of people have posted videos like these online. >> i have exceeded expectations. >> i find a way to conquer any
7:42 pm
problem. >> shepard: there isn't much research off the topic but 2008 survey found 24% of large american companies accept video resumes. industry observers say some employers are worried about the possibility of discrimination complaints. but that most are simply concerned about time. >> managers at least initially give a 30 second glance if that at a resume. >> "wall street journal" reporter points out videos require more attention than paper resumes. >> they are looking for key qualifications. the job requires x skill they are scanning that resume to make sure that basic skill is in there. if it's not, they may move on. video resume you have to sit there and listen. >> shepard: that's just fine for karen springer. >> when i get a video resume, it really helps me understand the type of person that's applying. >> shepard: she says she is looking for somebody with personality to join her fashion company, that's something she believes that can come across on camera. >> you sort of get a sense when you see someone, you get a
7:43 pm
feeling. you get a little bit of a gut feeling sometimes. >> shepard: a gut feeling that sar hopes she can inspire. she says her video resume is already getting attention. >> i have had different employers give me a call and say i liked your video. i would like to come in and learn more about you. it's really unique that you submitted your resume this way. and so i have gotten a lot of good responses and people have been really excited about it. >> shepard: but before you get too excited, the experts have a few tips for putting that video resume together. they say make it short and sweet. short is always better. focus on the skills relevant to the position. and, by all means, keep it professional. stick to what you do in the workplace. well, some sheriffs in north carolina now say they want to know what drugs you are taking. they are asking for access to state records to identify anyone with prescriptions for a number of medicines, including antianxiety drug xanax, the sleep aid ambien and the pain
7:44 pm
killers oxycontin and percocet. the sheriffs say it would help make arrest and curb prescription drug abuse. i spoke with judge andrew napolitano this afternoon about whether that's cool. >> we have a constitution that restrains the government from doing certain things. and it toler rates the abuse and the criminality of a few in order to preserve the privacy of us all. this f. they want somebody's medical records they have to present probable cause of a crime to a judge much if the judge agrees, the judge signs the warrant. if the judge disagrees those records are private and the government can't get them. >> shepard: he says they will never get that access. prescription drug abusers do not necessarily carry prescriptions for those drugs. gee, you think? federal health officials are cracking down on electronic cigarettes. they look kind of like the real thing. they are actually battery powered tunes that release nicotine vapor but there is no tobacco smoke and none of the real car sin gins.
7:45 pm
manufacturers claim they can help people quit. a lot of people say they have helped them. the food and drug administration is warning five companies they cannot make those claims without clinical evidence and f.d.a. approval. the companies are said to have 15 days to respond. getting a tattoo is protected by the constitution. that's the ruling from a federal appeals court. that struck down a city ban on tattoo parlors in her mows is a beach, california, about 20 miles south and west of los angeles. city leaders argue the shops bring in the kind of clients who like to commit crimes. wow. and their operations threaten public health. you go, hermosa. courts across the country have upheld similar bands in other cities. first by a federal aappeals courts overturns the bans in the nine states affected by the ninth circuit ruling. ♪
7:46 pm
>> shepard: the rise of freedom, a look at the men and women working to rebuild after the attacks of 9/11 and how they are honoring its heros and its victims. earlier today, volunteers got together to thank sailors serving o. board the u.s.s. new york, a ship made entirely from steel recovered from the world trade center. >> throw them in the bag there? >> throw them in the bag, there you go. >> volunteers include some new york mets and former co-workers of 9/11 victims. we're told they put together 400 care packages. you can follow the progress of the remarkable rebuilding at ground zero and view all of our coverage online, for stories you won't see on tv and a look behind the scenes and there you can also send messages to the world trade center workers, 2,000 of them right now, 10,000 soon enough. once again, it's at and make sure to tune into the fox report tomorrow and saturday, september
7:47 pm
the 11th. i'll be broadcasting from liberty state park overlooking lower manhattan. well, it's drug smuggling without the smuggling. police say mexican gangs are harvesting weed from the united states. and tonight fox reports from the front lines in the effort to find and stop them. that's next. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks. and platinum plus installed in your whole house it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel?
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>> shepard: prosecutors in mexico say a drug cartel hit men have gunned down yet another mayor as the ramp in violence in that country continues to spiral out of control. last three weeks killed three mayors in three separate towns. each murder in a state on or near the gulf coast or along the united states border. ourselves hillary clinton says mexico is looking more and more like colombia looked 20 years
7:51 pm
ago, and that's a quote. of course, back in the late 19 0s and early 1990s u.s. forces worked with colombian troops to battle vicious cocaine cartels. mexico rejecketsd the comparison. meanwhile it appears the mexican cartels are banking on a brand new strategy to increase profits in the united states. not really brand new but getting bigger. growing marijuana here in the u.s. and a lot of it, apparently. according to the feds, the gangs have figured out that it can be easier and potentially more lucrative to grow the pot here on public land than it is to try to smuggle it across that border. adam housley is live in mountain view, california where he got a ride on that chopper back there today. hello, adam. >> hello, shepard. yeah, it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. california is a front line. it's happening in states across the country. marijuana being grown on our public lands. we had a chance to get a first-hand looking lowered down 100 feet into a remote marijuana garden by the california national
7:52 pm
international guard. hundreds of feet aabove the treetops international guard gets a birds' eye view of the problem plaguing our public land. >> you you see marijuana growing on public land throughout the state of california. it's a very prevalent issue, oftentimes taking up entire hillsides. >> both of these gardens are so remote the only way it is to hike by atv. that's why they can hoist up a couple hundred feet and today we go along for the ride. >> once on the ground, agents first skew the area dealing with thick brush, dangerous touraine and even booby traps set by the cartels. then the back breaking work begins. plant by plant, they work their way down the rows. yanking several thousand plants out by the roots, then piling them up and hoisting them out. >> if we didn't have the helicopter, we never would have found. this you couldn't just drive
7:53 pm
down the dirt road down here and locate. this. >> so once the area is secured and the dope is out, the way out is the same as the way in. straight up. at $2,000 or more a plant, the street value of today's haul, in excess of $2 million. and take this into consideration. last year in california, 75% of the dope seized was grown on public land and there have been major busts recently in texas, also in utah as well as new york, shepard, this problem is a, excuse the pun, growing problem. >> shepard: oh well, adam housley. thank you. americans are eating less fruit and they are not eating enough vegetables. that's according to a new report for the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. that study showing about a third of u.s. adults had fruit or fruit juice at least twice a day. slightly down from the year 2000. only about 26% ate vegetables three or hour times a day. that's the same -- three or hour times a day vegetables? is ketchup a vegetables that's the same as 2,000.
7:54 pm
no state met federal goals of three quarters of americans eating enough fruit and half eating enough vegetables. well, a couple of thieves steal an exotic pet and get away with it then, they take the thing to get some fast food. why they may regret that pit stop at the golden arches coming up. and a lot of people try to sneak out of jail. now you can meet the guys who tried to break in. it's part of a genius filled g block and it's next. ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪ funny thing about they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. apparently the dumbest of them all swiped snakes. this is a black-headed python native to as stral i can't. this is surveillance video of two thieves stealing that python from a pet store in melvin it might have been the per vic crime had the thieves not decided to sneak off to mcdonald's where the snake decided it was time to put up a fight. police arrested the robbers after people called to report
7:58 pm
two men wrestling with a five foot python in a mcdonald's parking lot. car parked -- >> it's just a case of dumb and dumber. anybody who gets into a vehicle with a one half meter python in a mcdonald's parking lot is pretty dumb. the snake is bag in the cage and robbers presumably in one of their own. two inmates made an escape from missouri. they might have got away with it except they tried to sneak back. in they kicked in a layer of sheetrock and wire measure to get through the jail's attic and broke through the roof. after that they stole a truck, went on a drug run before apparently deciding it was time to return to their cells. investigators say the inmates set the stolen truck on fire to create a diversion while they slipped back through the escape hole. officials eventually figured out what happened thanks to surveillance cameras. i couldn't know dating some of fox top story tonight. the iranian government
7:59 pm
announcing it will very soon free the american sarah shah showered from a prison in tehran. one of three hikers from a iranian military arrested last year along the border with iraq. the "l.a. times" newspaper reporting that the officer who shot and killed a man carrying a knife in los angeles has been involved in two other onduty shootings. the incident has parked three days of protests in the city. and on this day in 1942, a japanese pilot dropped bombs in an oregon main land in all of world war ii. the float plane took off submarine carrying more than 300 pounds of bombs. and just east of brookings along the california border, the pilot let the explosives go. one landed on mount emily sparking a small wildfire there. the other one, still unknown. regard also, the bombs did little damage but 20 years later the pilot
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